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The science of ketosis is at the cutting edge of modern nutritional research and recent discoveries are greatly enhancing our scientific understandings of cellular energy, diet and nutrition.

For the last 6 decades, the basis of what is considered healthy nutrition has been founded -at least in part- on studies paid for by food manufacturers themselves.

Harvard University scientists recently admitted that lobbyists for the sugar industry bribed them to hide their research showing sugar to be the major culprit for heart disease. Instead, Harvard actually published false research placing the blame for heart disease on saturated fats.

The truth may in fact be the complete opposite.

   Glycogen Metabolism Vs. Fat & Ketone Metabolism

Age-old science describes how carbohydrates get broken down into glycogen sugars, which are delivered to our cells as energy. But the energy from these glycogens, aka glucose or sugar, leaves the cells very quickly. Glycogen is a fast source of energy that leads directly to a post-sugar crash, hence the constant need for more sugar or carbs.


The Starvation Diet

Our cells sort of become addicted to these constant hits of sugar. Without them we feel sluggish, tired and foggy. This is why people who eat a lot of sugar and carbs are often hungry and can’t imagine fasting or actually living on what is called “the Starvation Diet”.

Just the name alone strikes fear in people who are used to living off of glycogen sugars. Fasting and skipping meals can make them feel sick, weak or nauseous. Many people who eat lots of sugar and carbs may still feel sugar cravings despite having just eaten a full meal. To my mind, this is truly a testament to just how ineffective sugar is as a cellular fuel.

But the Starvation Diet sounds terrible. I mean, it literally sounds like some kind of cruel joke, right?

But that is only until you discover that intense hunger pains, cravings, the nausea of an empty stomach and other uncomfortable symptoms are actually symptoms of what I’m calling cellular level sugar addiction as well as all the yeast and fungus which populate the Microbiome in order to digest all those carbs and sugars.

But once you are in ketosis and clean out any buildup of yeast and fungus from your stomach and GI tract, then hunger pains can be entirely eliminated while fasting.

 The Sugar Industry’s Fake Science Vs The Real Science of Ketosis

Cutting-edge scientific studies now demonstrate how sugar, and the microbiology that accompanies it, are the underlying culprits of many degenerative conditions that result in disease and early death. These studies are very controversial because the sugar industry is enormously powerful and continues to pay for its own research that often contradicts the newer studies on ketosis and the negative effects of sugar in the diet.

As I mentioned earlier, Harvard University publicly admitted that they were paid by sugar industry lobbyists to publish false science claiming that saturated fat consumption is the main dietary cause of heart disease when, in fact, their actual research clearly evidences that it is actually sugar that causes obesity and heart problems.

Sugar Lobby Attacks True Science: Professor Noakes on Trial

I highly recommend you look into the recent trial against Prof. Tim Noakes in South Africa because it’ll really open your eyes as to how the corrupt science of the sugar industry is attacking the real nutritional science of ketosis to this day, even after the truth about their falsified studies at Harvard have come to light.

And Noakes is not the only doctor being persecuted and prosecuted for recommending a low sugar, low carb and high fat diet… Not by a long shot. There are hundreds of MD’s and scientists around the world who are being attacked with corrupt science created by the sugar industry. Their falsified studies have dominated major medical standards boards such as the AMA for years. But fortunately, these honest docs are holding their ground and they have the upper hand, for real science is on their side.

The AMA Finally Changes It’s Stance Due to Uncorrupt & Undeniable Scientific Evidence

You know It was just in 2015 that the AMA finally admitted that sugar consumption causes heart problems and diabetes… here’s what they say on their website:

“” …based on its thorough review of the latest scientific evidence available….with obesity and its associated health consequences—namely type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease—on the rise throughout our country, the AMA… is extremely pleased that the new recommendations call for significantly reducing the amount of added sugars and sugar sweetened beverages from the American diet… to prevent the incidence of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, both of which are linked to excessive sugar consumption…

Now that is a really long way to say,

we now believe that diabetes and heart disease comes from excessive sugar in the diet…

But wait…

Heart disease and diabetes aren’t the only conditions that may ultimately be caused by excessive sugar in the diet. These two conditions are far from being they the only 2 that can be effectively treated and even reversed through ketosis, so doesn’t it stand to reason that excessive sugar consumption and perhaps even excessive glycogen metabolism itself may be a hidden underlying factor in a huge number of degenerative conditions and diseases?

-Ok So What Exactly Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is theorized to be humanity’s original and most natural metabolic process, and that living on grains and sugar is really a very late adaptation. It certainly makes sense from an evolutionary perspective that hunters and gatherers were actually more mentally sharp and physically energized the hungrier that they got, because this would allow for a successful hunt, even if it took days or weeks.

Now when you fast for a few days, the liver and brain work together to produce certain chemicals called ketones. These are delivered to the brain where they flip a switch that changes cellular metabolism from burning glycogen sugar as fuel, to burning fat and ketones as fuel instead.

If your cells are primed to burn sugar and you start fasting, then your body will actually break your muscles down into glucose to get that quick hit of sugar. Relying on glycogen sugar for cellular metabolism leads to the body cannibalizing itself in a very unsustainable way -burning muscle instead of fat… and this can make you feel very sick.

But if you are in a state of ketosis, wherein cells are primed to burn fat instead of sugar, then when you fast your body can get all the energy it needs from stored fat, and will not destroy your muscle tissue to get sugar. When you’re in ketosis and you fast, then you can eat a lot of fat and your body will burn it all, leaving lean muscle behind.

Moreover, once your body switches into ketosis, your brain becomes at least 25% more efficient and you may feel as if you just took some nootropic brain-enhancing supplement.

Ketosis for Disease & Health Conditions

Studies have shown that staying in ketosis long-term can have powerfully healing effects on many conditions, including obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancer, as cancer cells require sugar to grow. Getting on a ketogenic diet and cutting out sugar and carbs will effectively starve all cancer cells.

Now cancer is probably the most extreme condition that ketosis can help to treat, though there are truly innumerable conditions that ketosis may help to remedy, such as high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, chronic fatigue and many, many more. Fasting in ketosis even makes you age more slowly and turns on longevity genes that can add years, even decades to your life.

Ketosis can have truly life-changing effects on your health and wellness, helping you to naturally lose weight -losing excess fat instead of muscle, feel more energetic and focused, and even help to reverse many health problems, such as diabetes & alzheimer’s.

Many studies now evidence that these health conditions may actually simply be long-term symptoms of excessive sugar and carbs and not enough healthy fat. Of course, it is most likely that there are a variety of underlying factors which give rise to any health condition, but excessive carbs and sugars may in fact be one of the most fundamental underlying factors in a great number of the most common conditions and diseases that we see in the world today.

So How Do You Safely Get Into Ketosis?

Well, getting into ketosis can be daunting because getting out of the addictive and destructive cycle of glycogen cellular metabolism is fraught with all kinds of difficulties. It is especially painful when people decide to dive right into ketosis with a multi-day fast, while their bodies are still primed to burn glycogen.

I firmly believe that jumping right into fasting is a recipe for disaster, unless you have the right supplements to kick start you into ketosis. Without taking ketones to get into ketosis immediately, not only are you going to be suffering from intense sugar cravings, but your body is actually going to be cannibalizing your precious muscle tissue, and this can make you feel quite sick with chills, weakness, nausea, headaches and more.

So I strongly recommend to all my friends and clients that they do not jump right into ketosis without supplement support. I recommend getting into ketosis right off the bat by taking beta hydroxybutarate, which is the main ketone your liver makes once you have been fasting for awhile.

Once you get into ketosis it’s really important to stay hydrated so I like to drink warm water with celtic sea salt and either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, as this really helps keep the body hydrated and also helps to cleanse candida from the GI tract.

My #1 Tip for Starting a Ketogenic Lifestyle is really to

Make SURE to Cleanse Your G.I. of Candida Fungus & Yeast

If you are substantially overweight, have a layer of yellow coating on your tongue, often feel too nauseous to eat in the morning, have irregular or sometimes too frequent bowel movements, frequent yeast infections or other symptoms of candida fungus overgrowth such as constant sugar cravings, brain fog or that dreaded itchy butt syndrome…. Then you know I absolutely recommend you do at least a month of internal cleansing to clear out this toxic biology from your system.

 What Is The Keto Flu?

You know there is a phenomenon commonly known as keto flu, which can happen when people first shift into ketosis and its not really known why this only happens to some people and not others, or why some people get it much worse than others. So my hunch is that this is essentially what’s known as a Herximer detox reaction, wherein there is excessive toxin in the bloodstream due to the body detoxifying all this microbiology that’s no longer needed to digest sugars.

You know, excessive stinky diarrhea may happen, as well as weakness and headaches, though rather than actually being any kind of real illness, this is, I think, the GI getting cleansed of all that fungus and yeast that’s been living in there for a long time and is no longer necessary.

You know, we are all born with candida albicans already in our intestines, and this fungus -which has been shown to be able to adapt and survive a direct nuclear blast- will lead the charge to decompose our body when we die.

Whether we like the idea or not, I think fungus is really the dominant species on our planet, for fungus is the foundation for all plant and animal life, and it is back into the fungus that all life returns after death…

But I digress…

The critical insight I want to impart is that due to the high levels of sugar in our modern diet, as well as the overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics and many harmful ingredients in vaccines which are both killing off our healthy intestinal flora…well, most people have a massive overgrowth of candida fungus throughout their body, and this fungus is quite literally decomposing our bodies while we are still alive.

You know…

talk about early aging!

And candida overgrowth is the biggest problem in switching over to ketosis because this is what causes uncomfortable symptoms when you fast.

So what is the best, fastest, and most painless way to cleanse Candida from your system?

After trying many different approaches for over the past decade or more I found a method that works very well. It is a multi-step process, involving various practices and products. It’s not difficult or expensive, and it absolutely works to clean candida out from your system. This process really deserves it own video, so I will make one all about the Advanced Home Wellness Candida Cleanse Protocol. To watch that video now you can click the link that’s either on the page below or on the screen now.

In this video I do want to tell you about

Two Top Supplements to Cleanse Candida & Support Ketosis at the same time: Fulvic/Humic Acid & Caprylic Acid from Coconut Oil

Shilajit is mineral pitch resin found mostly around the Himalayas that contains highly concentrated fulvic and humic acids which powerfully help to cleanse and replenish the lining of the entire GI tract, flushing out the fungus and yeast that wreaks so much havoc in our system. Shilajit can give short-term relief for nausea and upset stomach, and when taken daily it powerfully supports long-term regeneration of the whole microbiome.

Purblack is a brand that tests their Shilajit for heavy metals, which is important because theres actually only a few sources in the whole world for pure shilajit without heavy metals in it. And you definitely do not want to ingest heavy metals, so finding a product that is tested is critical.

Shilajit has a powerful smoky taste and is most potent when mixed into warm water and drank on an empty stomach. Yet for those who are very sensitive to taste, fulvic/humic extracts in capsules can be a more convenient method that is also effective.

Caprylic Acid, also known as C8, is a medium chain triglyceride found in high concentration in coconuts and is possibly the single best fat to consume for ketosis, as not only does this fat convert very quickly into ketones, but it also has very strong anti-fungal properties that help to clean out candida from the GI tract as well.

The only caveat with this fat is that you really want to make sure that it or any MCTs you use are derived from coconuts and not palm. This is important both for your own health as well as the health of the planet and the survival of orangutans as a species whose population is in rapid decline due to the vast deforestation caused by palm oil plantations.

Ketones Are the Key

But getting back to Ketones, you know, they are really the Key supplement to support a Ketogenic Lifestyle, specifically Beta hydroxybutyrate, which is the ketone that gets sent to the brain to make cells switch over from burning sugar from glycogens to burning fat and ketones instead.

Beta Hydroxybutarate can be easily combined with mineral salts such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium in order to deliver ketones efficiently into the blood stream. And it turns out the Beta Hydroxybutarate also makes the minerals highly absorbable as well, so taking a ketone bound to a magnesium salt is going to be much more beneficial than taking a ketone supplement bound only to calcium, as most people are magnesium deficient and over calcified.

The liquid ketone product KetoCaNa is the product I use & recommend most, even though it tastes pretty awful. I use this ketone product because it is bound to potassium.

Potassium is very important in general and is especially important for ketosis. But I know that taste is an important aspect for many people and there are many ketone supplements bound to calcium and magnesium that taste great, such as the line of Pruvit products.

So What DO You Eat on “The Starvation Diet?”

Adult bodies that become keto-adapted (conditioned to burn more ketones than glycogens) really only need about 1500 high-quality calories a day to stay in top shape long-term. The best calories for ketosis come from healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocado and grass fed raw butter, as well as complete proteins as well as some leafy green, non-starchy vegetables.

Wild or organic animal protein such as venison, salmon, yogurt and raw cheese are excellent sources of high-quality calories.

Vegans and vegetarians can absolutely benefit from ketosis and can source complete vegan protein from ground hemp, chia and flax seed, sprouted pumpkin seeds, spirulina, chlorella & moringa just to name a few.

Powdered vegan proteins can be mixed with high quality fats and made into delicious vegan keto bars, add in raw cacao and a little low glycemic sweetener to make a healthy and delicious keto chocolate bar.

But combining grain with beans to create a “complete protein” is not compatible with a ketogenic lifestyle, as grains and beans are actually almost entirely composed of carbohydrates, have only a small amount of protein and almost no fat.

The best vegan sources of protein for ketosis are composed almost entirely of fat and protein, like nuts and seeds, as well as the pure protein found in seaweed and algae.

One Quick and Delicious Ketogenic Meal is what I like to call “Fat Salad”

I like to eat fresh lettuce with spring greens and massaged kale completely drenched in olive oil & tahini sometimes the Brain Octane oil as well, with ume plum vinegar and lemon juice for flavor, covered with hemp seeds, ground chia, spirulina, cayenne, turmeric, black pepper, celtic sea salt, greek olives and maybe a little raw goat cheese on top too. This is actually really quick and easy to make, absolutely delicious and is full of high quality fats, protein and healthy fiber.

-Cyclical Ketosis and Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Diet

Cyclical ketosis is where you fast intermittently and eat high fat low carb at times, but you also eat carbs and sugar at other times as well. The idea behind this practice is the fact that even getting into ketosis for a few hours a day or for one day a week can have profound health benefits.

Some people simply fast one or two days each week, while eating normally on all the other days.  Others find that eating one meal a day works best for them. This 2nd method has become one of the more common and practical styles of cyclical ketosis.

Now many people now are doing the Bulletproof Diet made famous by Dave Asprey, and this is basically Dave’s personal brand of cyclical ketosis, which has been known and practiced long before Bulletproof came around, but Dave has done an amazing job of spreading this information into the mainstream awareness.

What has become more commonly practiced as “the Bulletproof Diet” is where you start the day with a blended coffee drink with a lot of healthy fats in it, ideally C8 Caprilyc Acid which produces the most ketones, and then you fast all day until dinner, or as long as you can go. And if you do snack during the day, it should be a very small portion of fat or protein.

If you don’t eat any carbs or sugar from dinnertime until dinnertime the following day, then even if your dinners are full of carbs and sugar, you can still get the benefits of ketosis during the day. You will come out of ketosis when you eat dinner, but then you will get right back into ketosis the next morning. This form of cyclical ketosis allows you to reap many of the health benefits of ketosis without cutting carbs and sugar entirely out of your diet.

The Freedom of a Ketogenic Lifestyle

I have adopted cyclical ketosis as a lifestyle and have been practicing it full-time since April 2016. I experimented with ketosis for almost a year before I transitioned into a full-time ketogenic lifestyle.

I absolutely love starting my day with a potent coffee elixir that works powerfully to energize me for the entire day. I love being able to fast without hunger pains, low energy, nausea and other discomfort because this frees my life up in incredible ways, allowing me to be more productive and focus on life rather than constantly thinking about eating carbs or sugar.

I relate my transition to a ketogenic lifestyle very much like when I stopped smoking tobacco about 15 years ago. What I loved most about quitting tobacco, besides my lungs not hurting, was the mental freedom of not craving nicotine all day. Ketosis offers me the exact same level of mental freedom where I no longer have to constantly think about food or manage the frustration of feeling sugar cravings.

woman on a bike at sunset


In short, a ketogenic lifestyle not only offers profound health benefits to our bodies, but can also be very healing for our minds and nourishing to our emotions. It does require discipline to transition and maintain, but the many amazing benefits of this diet are well worth the effort.

So I hope you have enjoyed learning about ketones, ketosis and the ketogenic lifestyle, and I hope you feel inspired to research more and to experiment for yourself.

You can checkout the links below to find more videos, articles & blog posts about ketosis, cyclical ketosis, the Bulletproof Diet, the Professor Noakes Trial and much more.

By exploring the Advanced Home Wellness website you can find videos & articles on all kinds of health and wellness topics. Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay current on all our latest videos.

Thanks so much for watching (or reading) and Be Well!!!!

About Kevin Asher

Kevin Asher Eyanu is a lifelong student and natural teacher with a very curious mind and caring heart. He loves to research, experiment and explore, and to share what he has discovered. He has worked as a teacher, massage therapist, landscaper, chef, organic farmer and coach, and he is a natural writer, producer and multi-disciplinary researcher. He has a B.A. in World Religions and an M.B.A. in Finance, and has various certifications and trainings such as Active Isolated Stretching, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and more. He is a musician, snowboarder, surfer, yogi, martial artist and dancer who has travelled extensively in more than 20 countries, thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail & Camino De Santiago and trekked in the Himalayas and Pyrenees. He is a certified wellness coach and believes that a client-led, holistic approach is the most successful.

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