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Today we are exploring how to remove heavy metals such as aluminum from our body, so they do not accumulate in the brain or critical glands leading to serious health problems.

Heavy metal toxicity from aluminum especially is a critical health issue that is commonly overlooked. Aluminum is highly toxic in the human body and yet it is also one of the most common natural elements on Earth, so it’s a very cheap and abundant metal that is used extensively in food production storage.


As we consume foods made with and stored in aluminum, we can’t help but ingest this toxic metal, which slowly accumulates over the years, contributing to many different health issues.

-How Did So Much Aluminum Get In My Body?-

Over the last century, aluminum’s abundance, pliability and strength have made it a very cheap go-to for thousands of applications across practically every industry. But it has become ubiquitous not only in food storage but in food production as well, and many refined foods such as flour and cane sugar as well as sugar alcohols like xylitol & eurythritol are processed with reactive oxides of aluminum and other heavy metals.

High levels of aluminum have been linked to many diseases and conditions, such as Alzhemier’s and dementia, and considering what we know about other heavy metals such as lead and mercury, the abundance of aluminum in our food supply may be an underlying factor in many different types of disease. 

So how can I get this toxic heavy metal out of my body?

Fortunately there are some very simple, affordable and effective methods to detox aluminum and other heavy metals out of our bodies, though they do require some commitment to practice over time to be thoroughly effective.


I think the most effective method for detoxing aluminum is EDTA, often made as Calcium Disodium. EDTA is what an MD in an ER would put in an IV drip for someone who was shot with a lead bullet, and EDTA drips are often used by Naturopaths to help remove excessive heavy metals and it even helps remove arterial plague.

An EDTA IV drip is a fast and cheap procedure for either a medical clinic or a naturopath,

but you really don’t even need to do that. You can perform effective EDTA Chelation Therapy in the comfort of your home, using cheap EDTA capsules.

Taking an EDTA capsule orally and absorbing through the stomach is about 20% as effective as getting it right into the blood stream through an IV. But EDTA can also be absorbed through the mouth sublingually, and if held in the mouth for over 5 minutes it will absorb into the bloodstrem about 50% as effectively as a direct IV drip. Now that’s pretty good.

Fortunately, EDTA tastes like nothing, and interestingly, it is very warm in your mouth, as if it carries its own heat. Its recommend to cycle through EDTA on a regular program, so an effective home chelation therapy will require your commitment and dedication to compliance, which can be maybe a little bit difficult to keep track of.  

A basic protocol to follow is 2 weeks of daily sublingual absorption and then 2 weeks off. If you have dire symptoms or want to increase after the first cycle, then you can increase to 4 weeks on and then 4 weeks off. Taking the time off is important as this is when a lot of the chelation will actually happen.


When you are taking the EDTA daily, it will begin to build up in your system and attach itself to heavy metal particles. Our body slowly flushes out the EDTA along with the heavy metals it has attached itself to. 

If you doing home chelation therapy with EDTA, it is very wise to also take supplement which will resupply your body with healthy vitamins and minerals, some of which may also be removed by the EDTA. I like to take a basic Men’s multivitamin as well as shilajit, and one amazing property of shilajit is that it is both a natural chelator of metals and also restores healthy minerals to the body at the same time.


For this reason, I think Shilajit is an indispensable ally for chelation therapy as well as for cleansing & restoring the body in general.


Another very important tip for successful chelation therapy is to make sure to support your liver as it will be working overtime to detoxify when you are following these protocols.

The most effective and beneficial liver support supplements that I recommend are liposomal Glutathione, Dandelion root extract and Silibinin from Milk Thistle extract. These supplements will help to ensure that your body’s detox pathways are well supported over the long-term.


Now another effective method to detox heavy metals from the body is taking Chlorella, specifically Chlorella with broken cell walls, as this has been shown to be even more effective.

And combining Chlorella with Cilantro has been shown to increase the effectiveness even more.

These two plants are both natural chelators and will bind to heavy metals in the body just like EDTA will.

Similar to the EDTA protocol, it’s a good idea to dose up on Chlorella & Cilantra daily for a few weeks and then take a break for a few weeks, allowing your body to catch up with eliminating all the metals that these compounds have attached to.


It is also highly recommended that you complete at least a 1 month protocol to remove heavy metals from your system before you begin a Candida Cleanse program, as Candida may actually be used by the body to mitigate the toxicity of heavy metals. Candida fungus can grow on heavy metal deposits and cover them up, preventing them from further damaging the body.  

So having a heavy load of toxic heavy metals in our system can be a major factor of why we may also have chronic candida overgrowth. So in order to truly take control of our health and vitality, we need to first work on removing the toxic heavy metals from our system, and then work to remove toxic fungal overgrowth.


You now, our modern world is now an extremely toxic place, and we are continually bombarded by toxins in our environment as well as water and food supply, so cleansing our bodies of toxic heavy metals is not a one time event, but a regular practice that we really need to get in a regular rhythm of in order to stay ahead of the constant bombardment of toxicity that we are experiencing in our lives.


 If you go to your doctor you can have bloodwork done which will indicate the amount of heavy metals that you have in your system. This is very helpful to diagnose the severity of your exposure and also to help you to track your progress with these home chelation therapies.

You know, I really hope watching this video has inspired you to research more about heavy metal toxicity and chelation therapy and to experiment with these protocols for yourself, to see how removing heavy metals from your body can boost your health and improve the quality of your life.

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I’m Kevin Asher. Thanks so much for watching, and be well! 

About Kevin Asher

Kevin Asher Eyanu is a lifelong student and natural teacher with a very curious mind and caring heart. He loves to research, experiment and explore, and to share what he has discovered. He has worked as a teacher, massage therapist, landscaper, chef, organic farmer and coach, and he is a natural writer, producer and multi-disciplinary researcher. He has a B.A. in World Religions and an M.B.A. in Finance, and has various certifications and trainings such as Active Isolated Stretching, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and more. He is a musician, snowboarder, surfer, yogi, martial artist and dancer who has travelled extensively in more than 20 countries, thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail & Camino De Santiago and trekked in the Himalayas and Pyrenees. He is a certified wellness coach and believes that a client-led, holistic approach is the most successful.

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