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“Nootropics” has become somewhat of a buzzword as the emerging market for brain and energy enhancers has exploded over the last few years… because who doesn’t want to feel their best, have tons of energy and be able to live life to the fullest?

Now there are a lot of nootropics out there that are pharmaceutical and may have various side effects, from anxiety to severe migraines… and due to the newness of these drugs, the long-term side effects are not really known.

So if you’re taking a pharmaceutical nootropic such as one of the racetems or, god forbid modafinil, then hopefully you already know how to support your brain so that you don’t end up with massive migraines, liver problems or other issues.

Anyone taking a pharmaceutical nootropic needs to also take a Choline supplement, and preferably Alpha GPC, as that version of Choline is metabolized in the brain much easier and can quickly replenish the neurotransmitters that pharmaceutical nootropics help your brain devour at an extremely high rate.


With pharmaceutical nootropics, basically your brain runs out of its supply of basic ingredients for making all these special chemicals, because the nootropics make it drink them down 2-3 times the normal rate.

So if you don’t replenish your stock then you are going to have a seriously painful migraine that, without supplements to remedy the situation, could last many days or even weeks, depending on your diet, amount of daily exercise and quality of sleep that you get.

Short-Term Side Effects of Nootropics = Long-Term Effects of Nutritional Deficiencies

Now, what happens in the brain with nootropics portrays in super fast motion what often happens for many people due to long-term nutritional deficiency and environmental toxins and other issues, wherein they start to get very low functioning and need to prop themselves up with caffeine or sugar.

Often it is simply that the brain is not able to get all the food it needs to produce the chemicals that make us feel alert, alive, present and happy.

And not only is there a strong link between gut health and psychology, but if we are not getting key amino acids and certain specific nutrients, then our brain will simply not have all the fuel resources it needs to make all of the chemicals we need to feel happy, energetic, focused and motivated and enjoying life.

So supplementing with Choline, Alpha GPC and even DMAE can help anyone who may be feeling sluggish, depressed, foggy and low energy, and these will make sure your brain has the fuel it needs to make all the neurotransmitters which are essential for us to fully experience life.

Now there is some caution with DMAE, which is an amazing supplement, mostly because it just hasn’t been studied very much, but also because its much harder to get a lot of through diet and the brain actually prefers to uptake it over regular acetylcholine.

So it is theorized that if you use DMAE a lot when you are young, your brain may potentially not develop enough regular acetylcholine neural pathways and end up dependent on supplementing with DMAE.

So this is definitely an adults only supplement. But when you are an adult over 30 or 40, it can be a very effective way to support your brain.


Now what most people, and even many nootropic enthusiasts don’t know, is that there is a simple amino acid that you can combine with a very specific catalyst, that makes it about as effective as most pharmaceutical nootropics.

This will absolutely flood your brain with healthy neurotransmitters.


…because you have to activate this amino acid with a specific catalyst that is somewhat undesirable to many people.

Now this required catalyst is not only safe and natural, it has already been proven in many scientific studies to be one of the most powerful natural nootropics, anti-depressants, immune system boosters and all around general tonics in existence.

So what is it? What else? Cardiovascular exercise.

Now, if you just sit at a desk all at your day after taking say 1000mg of DLPA – which is a common abbreviation for phenylalanine, an essential amino acid, when both D & L forms are combined together- now if you take like I said and just sit at your desk, then all by itself you may not notice all that much effect, though you may notice a small improvement in your mood and focus.

But it will be nothing like what happens when you combine these amounts with even just 20 minutes of solid cardio exercise, maintaining a moderately elevated heart and breathing rate while running, cycling, interval training, surfing, snowboarding.. you know, whatever you like.

The combination of a solid dose of cardio exercise with plenty of DLPA available to your brain creates an explosion of important neurotransmitters, many of which are being sold as nootropics, such as tyrosine. And this is how you can truly get the best effect out of this all natural nootropic supplement.


So while you can certainly take pharmaceutical nootropics as well as some additional choline supplements to support it, to me it seems much simpler, cheaper, safer and possibly just as effective to supplement daily with DLPA, the primary source ingredient that our brain needs to produce all these neurotransmitters, and then even if I have to just force myself to exercise for 20 minutes, causing my brain to produce tons of these chemicals for itself, well… I’d call that a win-win, you know!

But if you try this, I will bet you that will only have to force yourself to exercise the first few times, because the neurotransmitter reward system in the brain is really powerful, and once you start to experience how easy it can be to flood your brain with endorphins and other feel great chemicals, when you combine exercise and DLPA…well, you may be used to feeling this good after running for hours and miles and be shocked to find you can feel like that in just 20 minutes.


So I can’t really recommend you supplement with a single amino acid every day without cautioning you about the potential for creating an imbalance in your amino acid levels. There are many different types of amino acids which work synergistically and they require each other for absorption and processing.

You know, this is really true for all vitamins and minerals. Just like B Vitamins need each other to be absorbed, or like Calcium and Magnesium are required in equal portion to be assimilated. Literally every vitamin and mineral is the same way and there is an incredible balancing act of agonist and antagonists going in within our body, with chemical reactions cascading every time we consume anything.

So if you are going to supplement with DLPA, then it is also a good idea to take a complete amino acid with it sometimes as well, to make sure your levels stay balanced. This is especially true if you adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet, as you may already be deficient in certain important amino acids.


Now one effect that DLPA does not have, and that pharmaceutical nootropics do… is that of turning your brain into a neurotransmitter-devouring beast.

But there are natural nootropics which have some amazing connectivity and recall effects similar to the racetems, especially when used in a concentrated form and in combination with each other. There are many memory and brain herbs, but my two favorite are extracts of ginkgo (biloba) and bacopa (monniera).

When used as a raw herb, the effects of these are very subtle and really only work best over time. But if you take a strong dose of a potent extract of these herbs, then their memory and recall enhancing effects really can rival the racetems, not only without draining the brain, but actually, continually improving and tonifying the brain over the long-term.

These herbs do not create harsh up and down cycles or require lots of additional supplement support like pharmaceutical nootropics do. They may not be as strong as some of the racetems, but when used in tandem with other natural supplements, then the effect definitely compares and this is much more sustainable over the long-term.

Of course there is a long list of other natural nootropics and vitality boosting supplements that I take on a regular basis, such as betahydroxybutyrate which is really one of the most amazing supplements you can take for your health and wellness as well as for very potent nootropic effects.

Its really more of a lifestyle so check out my video on Ketosis, Ketones and Ketogenic Lifestyle for more on that particular supplement.


Also another great supplement is Krill Oil, which is great for the brain, as well as inflammation which leads to lower functioning in general. Krill Oil is like Fish Oil 2.0 and supports the brain as well as basic cellular functioning.

There is a brand new product on the market called MitoLife which is an algae based DHA supplement that powerfully supports brain function by supporting our mitochondria to produce ATP.

MitoLife is great for the brain and makes an excellent vegan replacement for fish oils or krill oil, but its actually not made from algae in order to be vegan at all. Rather it’s because DHA from algae is so effective at supporting mitochondria cellular energy function, so while its great for vegans, this supplement was created specifically to support cellular energy production in our mitochondria, which improves functioning in the brain and throughout the body.


Forskolin is an herbal extract that expands veins and allows for lower blood pressure and easier blood flow to the heart and brain. Forskolin is not a short-term fix at all, it’s really a long-term tonifier, which makes it a great supplement for nootropic effects, low blood pressure and just general wellness.


is a newly discovered vitamin I heard about through Dave Asprey, and this is very helpful in mitochondria production and ATP cellular energy production. This affects the whole body, especially the brain. PQQ combined with CoQ10 is potent combo to make sure that your cellular engine is humming at optimum performance.

Another (natural nootropic) supplement is

Acetyl- L- Carnitine

..this is another amino acid that is crucial for many body functions and very difficult to get enough of in the diet, even if you eat a lot of meat which is one of the main sources for it, so I definitely recommend everyone supplement this amino. Same thing goes for taking a full spectrum amino acid if you are going to be regularly supplementing with Carnitine.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

is very important to take as well and acts as a powerful antioxidant as well as important catalyst for many processes in the brain.

You can choose a few of these and get results, but when combined in synergy then these natural supplements provide very powerful nootropic effects.


Now if this video was interesting to you, then I highly recommend that you check out my video on the 3 Most Effective Nootropic Practices which includes step by step instructions on practices that you can do immediately to amazingly increase your brain function, also mitochondrial function and ATP cellular energy production, as well as other great benefits like boosting testosterone naturally.

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Thanks so much for watching (or reading) and be well!

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