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Cycloastragenol: Nature’s Fountain of Youth?


The Nobel prize for science in 2009 went to a team at UCLA for their work in showing that aging is essentially what happens when our DNA strands get split ends, start to unravel and shorten in length. When the end of our DNA strands slowly unravels and the length shortens, cell replication becomes less and less precise.

They evidenced that shortened telomeres in our DNA strands are really the fundamental underlying cause for aging and degenerative disease.

Telomerase is the body’s natural way of maintaining the health of the ends of the strands of DNA. And usually somewhere in our 30s, the body stops producing enough natural telomerase and our DNA begins to shorten in length, thus the slow crawl of aging begins.

Of course, pharmaceutical companies have been researching ways to extend shortened telomeres and prevent them from shrinking, but it turns out that nature has already created a perfect compound to replace telomerase in the roots of astragalus.


is a nearly identical analogue to the natural telomerase in our body, which means it has the exact same DNA preserving effects. Studies have already been done showing that cycloastragenol can be profoundly beneficial in preserving the length of our telomeres.

But don’t just go taking cycloastragenol!

For starters, make sure you are around 40 years old or older.

You never want to take cycloastragenol before your telomerase starts to naturally decline. This is not a supplement for vitality. This is not a tonic for youthful vigor and strength. Concentrated cycloastragenol is basically telomerase, which you need to keep your DNA healthy. But if you take this supplement when you’re young, your body may stop producing its own.

Further, even if you are over 40, then you need to take it carefully.

It can make you very ill if you take too much, and especially if you take a lot with a full stomach. Its really best to lick your finger and dip it into the powder and dissolve a small amount of powder in your mouth on an empty stomach. You let your saliva digest it in your mouth, and swallow it back only once it is all liquid and tasteless, and drink some water afterward as well.

This is a good way to take it at first, and you can gradually build up to more. You may want to this daily if you in your 50s, 60s or 70s, as this will greatly help to preserve the length of your telomeres.

Cycloastragenol is being ignored by the mainstream medical industry and pharmaceutical companies especially -likely because they cannot patent it.

And so far there really are no effective drugs on the market to lengthen or preserve telomeres.


Now, Stanford can perform a surgery which does the trick, and they have actually managed to re-extend shortened telomeres, “reversing the clock” so to speak, with a new RNA technique. This is beyond the prowess of cycloastragenol, which preserves telomeres but does not re-lengthen them.

Despite the success of this experimental surgery at Stanford, there are still no pharmaceutical drugs on the market to re-lengthen telomeres, nor to preserve them.

And maybe that’s really for the best, I think, after all pharmaceuticals are notorious for unwanted side effects and unknown long-term complications.

And moreover, why create a chemical drug when nature has already provided the perfect solution? Oh yeah…. because you can’t patent it!

Really the only caveat with cycloastragenol is that it a whole lot more expensive than most natural supplements. But when you compare it with the cost of surgery at Stanford or the probable price of a comparative pharmaceutical product…well then it looks very cheap indeed.

You know, for someone in their late 30s or 40s, a hundred dollars worth is enough to last a year, as you really only need to take tiny amounts.

If you are in your 50s or 60s, then you may want to invest closer to $1000 a year on these products, as natural telomerase declines very steadily after 40. Even at $1000 a year, or around $85 a month, cycloastragenol is well worth the investment into preserving the integrity of the most fundamental and important part of our bodies, our DNA itself.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about cycloastragenol and how it can help you maintain the length of your telomeres so you can stay young and healthy at any age.

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I’m Kevin Asher, Thanks so much for watching (or reading) and be well!

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