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Take Control of Your Vitality!

Our plans are designed

to meet your needs

no matter

your wellness goals

You are a great candidate for coaching if you are clear about your health issues

and want a coach who will help ensure you meet your goals.

Our coaches will help you meet your health & wellness goals

by helping you create an effective personal plan

and then providing the practical guidance,

accountability and empathic support

that make challenging transitions not only possible,

but deeply rewarding.

Our team of experienced coaches are not doctors

and do not provide diagnosis or treatments.

Our coaches are experienced wellness professionals

who have a lifetime of experience

in advanced wellness products and practices

and have a passionate desire

to support you to learn the new skills

and create the new habits

that will empower you to attain your goals.

Our coaches offer experienced guidance

in the practical use of home wellness tools & technologies,

strategic planning & problem solving,

as well as accountability

and authentic empathic support.

We do not aim to keep clients for a long time

and view success based on how many clients

no longer require our support

because they have met their goals and learned new tools

and have become fully empowered

to meet their own wellness needs.

The amount of coaching you may require

depends mainly on your current level of health and wellness,

your goals, as well as your commitment in action.

Advanced Home Wellness coaches

can help you master the many home practices and protocols

that boost vitality and resiliency

in order to both protect against and combat illness,

but these practices and protocols

are not a substitute for professional medical care.

Bare Bones

  • 1 Intake & Planning Session
  • 1 Coaching Session / Week
  • Email and Text Support NOT Included
Free Consultation

Full Fat Plan

  • 5 Intake & Planning Sessions
  • 2 Coaching Sessions / Week + Daily Check-Ins
  • 24hr Email & Phone Support
Free Consultation

The Bare Bones Plan

After the initial Intake Session, wherein we discuss your health challenges, determine your goals and create your Personal Plan, you will really only need 1 session each week to help you stay on track, to assess how your past week went, to help you resolve any issues that are arising and to make a revised plan for the following week.

The Mega Muscle Plan

If your health challenges are more complex, it may require several Intake sessions before you and your coach agree on a Personal Plan of wellness practices and protocols that is just right for you.

Once you and your coach have created your Personal Plan, you want to have coaching sessions Twice a Week in order to check in, to be held accountable on follow through and to resolve any issues that may arise, with practical guidance and additional resources.

You also want to be able to send an email to your coach and have it answered within 24 hours, in case you have a question or issue that arises soon after a coaching session and you don’t want to wait until the next one that is scheduled.

The Full Fat Plan

You may have more serious health issues for which you have seen various doctors, and you want a coach to help you stay committed  to your goals as well as explore adjunct home therapy options with an experienced guide who can offer practical support as you experiment with advanced home wellness products and practices.

You want a coach who is dedicated to you and available to be there for you every day, even if some days its just have a brief check in. Having a committed full-time wellness coach can be an incredibly powerful way to help you stay accountable to following your personal plan, to ensure you make it up the cliff to a plateau where you have control of your vitality and are able to maintain your ideal level wellness on your own.