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Products & Practices

Products & Practices

We offer practical insights into many of the world’s most advanced health practices, as well as the most effective and affordable supplements available. Through research and experimentation we sort out the best of the best and explain their potential benefits, precautions and practical usage guidelines.

Natural Nootropics

Nootropics have become very popular over the last few years, because who doesn’t want to feel on top of the world and able to live life to the fullest? But there is very little known about the long-term effects of pharmaceutical nootropics, and there are actually many powerful natural compounds that can greatly improve brain function not only in the short-term, but also continuing to strengthen and tonify the brain over the long-term.

Ketogenic Lifestyle

If you are new to Ketosis then here you will find tons of great information that can get you on the right track, as well as connect you with all the best supplements that can help to ensure your successful transition into this amazing lifestyle.


Here we explore the many uses of ozone gas, from bioremediation to fighting infection, from washing & preserving produce to washing clothes without detergent. Ozone offers many advantages for the savvy home consumer.  

Candida Cleansing

In this section we explore candida cleansing from many angles, from the top candida cleansing products on the market, to cutting-edge home protocols & tips for successfully brewing potent probiotics at home.


Does laying on the beach make you feel amazingly relaxed and rejuvenated because of negative ions? Or is it because we connect with the Earth’s slowly oscillating 8hz charge? How is it that simple grounding technology can deeply restore vitality, improve sleep and eliminate jet lag?


We all want to maintain a youthful appearance as we age and mature, and many recent scientific breakthroughs are now making this easier than ever to accomplish without drugs or surgeries, but rather with powerful natural compounds as well as with various new home technologies.

Home Chelation

Everyone has some amount of toxic heavy metal in their body, as we all slowly accumulate these elements commonly used in our food, water & medicine. Learning how to remove toxic metals from you body can powerfully restore your health and boost your vitality over the long-term.

Light Therapy

New research has demonstrated the capacity of our cells to intake light directly and this understanding is opening the door for many new home wellness technologies and bio-hacks which can greatly increase energy, improve mood & focus, improve sleep and improve the overall functioning of our cellular engine.

Advanced Self-Care Tools

Understanding how to release your own fascia restrictions using simple props and tools is incredibly empowering. There are many types of tools that can be used to access our muscles & fascia, as well as our bio-electromagnetic field, in order to relieve pain and tension.

Advanced Physical Fitness

Advanced physical fitness encompasses, cardiovascular health, strength building, as well as improving mental & physical coordination by accessing flow states through props, qigong, yoga & dance.