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Paradigms of Wellness

Paradigms of Wellness

The mainstream medical paradigm is primarily chemical, though there are many different lenses through which to view wellness. Human MicroBiome explores how microbial life affects human health & wellbeing. Other paradigms include Bio-Electricity, Fascia & the Autonomous Nervous System, Cellular Nutrition, Physical Fitness & Emotional Wellness.


In this section we will explore practice which affect the bio-electrical body, such as Grounding, Sound Frequency Therapies, transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Plasma and Light Therapy.

Cellular Nutrition

Are your cells burning crude oil or hydrogen? Are they running solar? This section hosts explorations into the different ways our body can produce energy, from burning sugars, fats or ketone bodies or even harnessing bio-photonic energy directly from light. Just like the difference between burning crude oil, hydrogen or solar, different calorie sources leave very different levels of waste and damage to our body’s cellular engine.  

Fascia & the Nervous System

Understanding how our body’s fascia works is essential to independence and freedom from pain and injury. When we know how to work with our own fascia, then we can become like sculptors of our own clay. There are many simple practices and products that can empower us to take control of our own vitality through manual manipulation of our own fascia tissue, using specific postures against the floor, in doorways, against walls or using various tools to unwind hardened restrictions.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional intelligence is ultimately about learning to make the best choices for ourselves. The ability to maintain healthy boundaries and yet still stay in connection, understanding our own needs as well as those of others; this is the foundation of emotional wellness. The ability to find a win-win outcome in any situation is an ideal, and is usually accomplished through first coming to a deep understanding of the universal feelings, needs and values that underlie every situation and conflict.

Human Microbiome

Hippocrates said that “good health begins in the gut” and modern science is proving him more and more right every day. The Human Microbiome is the infinitesimal world of trillions of tiny creatures living in our intestines. The eco-system inside of us can change drastically and is impacted by any substance we put in our body. With antibiotics creating resistant superbugs and a deadly new strain of candida identified in the US, it is more important than ever to care for our microbiome.

Advanced Fitness

In this section we ask questions such as, what determines the “correct” or “best” way to swing a kettlebell? How can extreme heat and cold contrast therapy be beneficial to the body? How can develop greater coordination, focus and physical energy through breathing practices, flow states, & mentally-engaging exercise?