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The Bare Bones Plan

After the initial Intake Session, wherein we discuss your health challenges, determine your goals and create your Personal Plan, you will really only need 1 session each week to help you stay on track, to assess how your past week went, to help you resolve any issues that are arising and to make a revised plan for the following week.

    I choose to take control of my vitality with the assistance of an Advanced Home Wellness Coach and I claim full personal responsibility and legal liability for any and all successful or unsuccessful health outcomes that may result due to actions I choose to take based on information or recommendations I receive from my AHW coach or any AHW content.
    If I am not a resident of the State of California where Advanced Home Wellness is based (CA Residents check the box to give consent to share your health information) and my home State laws require formal permission for Inter-State sharing of health information, then I hereby express my consent to share my personal health information across state lines with my AHW coach and I take full responsibility and legal liability for acquiring formal permission from my primary doctor or other medical professional if my State requires this (most do not, but check your State's Official Website if you are not sure.) I hereby indemnify AHW from any and all liability for failure on my part to obtain express formal permission to share my personal health information across state lines if it is required by my home state to do so.
    I agree to authorize charges from AHW for a recurring month-to-month wellness coaching subscription plan which I understand I may cancel at any time before the start of the next billing cycle. I understand that the billing cycle for each month begins on the specific day of the month that I originally purchased the coaching plan. I understand that coaching will begin within 1 week of plan purchase and after the plan is cancelled due to meeting my wellness goals, coaching will continue for 1 week beyond the end of billing cycle. I understand that all AHW coaching plans are offered strictly on a month-to-month, cancel at any time, recurring subscription basis, renewing on the same day each month as initially purchased, and that there are no refunds issued once payment for the upcoming month has been processed. The goal of AHW coaching is to help you take control of your vitality and learn the tools & skills you need to maintain optimal wellness, through access to the knowledge & support of our experienced coaches. We do not want to lock you into a contract or force commitment to coaching any longer than it takes for you to become self-sufficient and in control of your vitality.