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Why was Advanced Home Wellness created and who are we here to serve? Who is the founder and what is their motivation? What is the ethos and ultimate mission of Advanced Home Wellness? Answers to these questions and more.

Do you want to have control of your vitality?

Are you curious about experimenting with cutting-edge wellness products practices and technologies

to improve your level of health or protect against illness,

to lose weight, have more energy, or prevent early aging?

Then Advanced Home Wellness

was made for you

In this video you will learn about Advanced Home Wellness and why was it created,

who created it, and their motivations to serve everyone interested in using modern wellness technologies

to help take control of their vitality, from the comfort of their own home.

Hi, my name is Kevin Asher

 and I decided to start Advanced Home Wellness because,

through the course of maintaining my own health in the face of many challenging conditions,

I have become adept at treating many health challenges using methods that are really beyond the chosen scope of mainstream medicine

and have naturally become somewhat of a walking encyclopedia of practical information

about wellness products, practices and protocols.

I’ve been experimenting with my health since I before I was 10, when I started receiving regular allergy shots.

In my nearly 40 years now, I have experimented with many different diets, drugs, vaccines, herbal & natural medicines,

as well as many different health products, practices, technologies and techniques.

Curiosity is truly the key theme of my life,

and my enormous curiosity has taken me exploring in more than 20 different countries

such as India,

Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Guatemala, Haiti, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus and Crete.

It has led me to get university degrees in fields as diverse as World Religions and Business Finance,

and also to train in horticulture, permaculture, culinary arts, therapeutic bodywork,


breathwork, qi gong, ba gua kung fu, yoga, dance, nutrition, compassionate communication and more.

Throughout the many diverse interests I have explored in my life,

none has been such a primary and continual focus as my own personal health and wellness:

my diet, the supplements I take and the daily practices I adopt are by far the central focus of my life.

My insatiable curiosity is most naturally attuned to whatever will improve my health,

increase my vitality, sharpen my mind, maintain my youthful vigor

and help me to better handle mental & emotional stress.

From the latest cutting-edge technologies, which I love to test out,

from ancient practices to modern home remedies,

I delight in learning and experimenting with everything related to health and wellness,

and I am someone who naturally just loves to share my discoveries with others.

Another big reason I have focused my curiosity on wellness is that fact

that I have been failed by mainstream pharmaceutical treatments too often,

and have even being harmed by them, in one instance suffering liver damage from antibiotics

that caused symptoms that were even worse than the condition they were supposed to treat.

I really feel that I’ve been forced into finding more advanced methods than were being prescribed by my doctor

due to contracting conditions (paramecium infection, Giardia infection & black mold exposure) which really just defied their treatments.

These misfortunes have powerfully contributed to my becoming well versed

in so many advanced home wellness practices, products, techniques and technologies.

I have had to figure most things out on my own, through my own research and experimentation.

I’m the type of person who likes to test everything other people tell me anyway.

I am someone who is open to all information but sorts slowly and carefully through everything,

continuing my own research and experimentation in order to make an informed judgment for myself.

I like to find what is really true and what really works for me,

because I do believe we are all unique and that there is truly no one-size-fits all approach to anything.

I encourage everyone to be the same way and to take responsibility for your own health,

to not follow any one person’s advice but to listen to me as well as other educators out there,

to do your own research and to talk to your doctor before making a decision about any wellness product, practice or protocol.

I offer the findings of my research and experimentation as fodder for your own personal research and experimentation.

I believe everyone who wants to take control of their vitality must take full responsibility

for their health and wellness in a very direct way,

treating your body, mind and spirit like a precious vehicle that you have purchased.

If you owned a million dollar car, you wouldn’t just make sure to change the oil every 3 months.

You’d make sure to take care of every single one of its needs!

So consider that the vehicle you are in is worth far more than a million dollars.

It is literally priceless.

Many people may drive their priceless vehicle in an irresponsible way.

They may even neglect to change the oil or perform other needed maintenance, leading to breakdown.

They may be careless and have accidents which need to be repaired,

which can lead to a decreased perception of value and therefore increased neglect,

leading to more long-term damage.

In this metaphor, Advanced Home Wellness is dedicated

to cutting-edge human vehicle maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Because just like when your million dollar car is impeccably maintained,

when your level of wellness is extremely high, then you do not easily break down or degrade.

The level of wellness that we accept for ourselves is truly what determines our level of success

in everything else we may endeavor toward, whether career, relationships, adventure or pleasure.

Our level of wellness fundamentally dictates the possibilities for our entire life.

So my goal is to make Advanced Home Wellness one of your most trusted sources for accurate information

that you can’t easily find from mainstream sources, that is backed up with scientific research and evidence,

as well as a place to find community support from others who are also experimenting with taking control of their vitality.

My hope is that learning about Advanced Home Wellness products and practices

will inspire you to research more and experiment for yourself,

to take control of your own vitality

using the incredible resources that are now available to everyone in the modern world.

Advanced Home Wellness is a community service for all those who seek to take control of their vitality

and to be empowered with accurate scientific evidence and practical knowledge

on the use of advanced wellness products and practices.


Advanced Home Wellness was created to spread accurate information

about the most effective wellness products and practices that anyone can use to improve their life.

We live in such an incredible time with so much knowledge, information and technology right at our fingertips,

yet so much potential goes unrealized as we too often fail to take advantage of the tremendous tools and technologies all around us.

So I hope you’ll subscribe, check out our videos and articles and get inspired

to take control of your vitality by experimenting for yourself with advanced wellness products, practices and protocols.

I really hope that you will also participate by asking questions on the site,

sharing your experiences and insights with others through the community forums hosted on the website.

I really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video and learn about AHW.

On our website you can find articles and videos on all kinds of wellness topics

and by subscribing to our YouTube channel you can stay current on all our latest videos.

I’m Kevin Asher…Thanks again for watching (or reading) and be well!