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You’ve Never Brushed Your Teeth Before?!?

Imagine for a moment what the inside of your mouth would look like if you had never brushed your teeth.

this kid only went a few days 😉


Its kind of a frightening thought, isn’t it?!

And yet that is the reality for most people… except it’s even worse than that.

You see, our intestinal lining is basically identical to the skin lining inside our mouths, and if we had never brushed our teeth, our mouths would be covered in a tough yellow and white lining of fungus and yeast, as well as many other colorful bacteria colonies.

This is exactly the case in millions of people’s colons across America and the world, because in modern times, the simple practices that maintain basic levels of colon hygiene are mostly ignored and overlooked.

But this wasn’t always the case.


Around the turn of 1900, enemas were considered a foundation for recovery from almost any illness, and an enema or colonic was one of the first procedures performed in hospitals across the United States, and throughout the developed world.

Enemas had been widely used throughout the world for thousands of years before they were standard procedure in US hospitals around the turn of the century.

The phrase “good health resides in the gut” dates back to Hippocrates in ancient Greece, who is known as the Father of Medicine., and modern science now provides ample evidence to support his hypothesis.

Cutting-edge research into the Human Microbiome shows many direct connections between our intestinal health and brain function, mood & emotional state, energy levels and general immune response.


Due to the widespread use of pharmaceutical antibiotics in modern times, this simple and effective practice has fallen almost entirely out of custom. I especially find it ironic that enemas are not even practiced in hospitals and clinic for acute and chronic intestinal infections, when this would clearly be the best way to “apply directly” to an infection, and the more convenient, yet highly problematic solution of broad-spectrum pharmaceutical antibiotics, is almost always prescribed instead.

So to my mind it seems clear that we have allowed our value for convenience to override our need for both safety and effectiveness. In the quest for convenience, we have become dependent on harmful pharmaceutical drugs and have lost touch with the classical knowledge of how to combat illness our selves.

Based on my research and experience, I strongly believe that regularly practicing home enemas is an essential component of effective personal hygiene, just like regularly brushing one’s teeth. Really its even more important than brushing our teeth, because our mouth is not where the primary foundation of our health and wellness resides.

Perhaps its simply because we can see inside our mouths so easily that we focus so much on keeping our mouths clean and our teeth well brushed. Then this same logic would then make it very easy to ignore cleaning our colon. But just because we can’t see inside our colon doesn’t mean it’s not extremely important to keep clean!

You know, it’s a sort of like cleaning the back corners of your fridge. It can be all too easy to ignore, but if you don’t clean it regularly then you will eventually have something rotting in there. This will not only make your whole fridge stink, but it will also affect all of the food in your fridge as the rotting bacteria spreads. And the exact same thing is true inside your colon.

Really, the overall health of our teeth and mouths actually begins in our gut as well, for the more candida or other yeast and fungal overgrowth we have growing in our intestines, the more likely we are to develop cavities and gum disease.

So practicing home enemas can even help give you a more beautiful smile.



But for most people today, I think the idea of doing regular enemas at home is perhaps even more frightening than the idea of what it might look like inside their colon.

But you know, it’s really not as gross or uncomfortable as it most people imagine it to be, and learning how to do this simple practice at home can absolutely revolutionize your health, boost your immune system, dramatically increase your overall vitality, and even augment your emotional state.


Starting an advanced home enema practice can help you have more mental clarity, feel much more energized, have less sugar cravings, feel lighter and freer, and effectively assist you in combating many different illnesses and conditions.

You know, the only enema that I actually don’t recommend anyone do at all is those saline injectors, which is pretty much all they sell at drug stores. Really, forget those things. Not only can the salt burn and kill good bacteria as well as bad, but also you really need to use at least a liter of warm water for an effective cleanse of the colon, along with whatever additional ingredients that you’re going to use.

These drugstore enema injectors are just designed to produce a bowel movement for people who are severely constipated, but they are of little to no help in actually cleansing the colon to supporting healthy flora in your microbiome, eliminating fungus, virus and yeast.

So What Do I Need to Know to Get Started?

The classic red enema bag are really the standard tool for the job, and is basically the most practical thing on the market, even though the plastic parts could be a lot more durable and they can break pretty easily.

You can easily add ingredients into the bag it comes with an easy way to cinch and release the hose to control the flow of the stream coming in.

This is crucial so that a full enema bag does not push water in uncomfortably fast. If you control the flow, you can let it go slow, and the water coming in is barely noticeable at all. So this element is really important for your comfort and ease.

To do an enema you just hang the bag on your shower curtain rod or on the doorknob of your bathroom door and you lay down on the floor on a towel, or in the bathtub, so that gravity allows the water to flow into your colon.

You want to use distilled water, well water, spring water or very well filtered water, and not tap water. Tap water can have residues of chemicals and other impurities that your stomach is better equipped to deal with and the colon is much more sensitive to.

How Long Does An Enema Take? And How Often is Best?

When I first started doing enemas it took me about an hour all said and done. At that time, I also had a lot of cleansing to do. Now I usually do them in about 15 to 20 minutes. It really isn’t difficult or painful at all and it is something that can be done daily when necessary, such as during a cleanse or an illness like the flu, and it can easily be done once a month or so to maintain basic colon hygiene.

Don’t Do Enemas TOO Much!

Now, it is not healthy to do enemas too much, and I recommend daily enemas only for 3-7 days in a row max, as part of a deep cleanse or to help when fighting an illness.

And when doing enemas for several days in a row, I think it’s very important to end with at least one probiotic retention enema.


You know, adding certain ingredients into the water of an enema can turn a very simple practice into an incredibly powerful tool for wellness and recovery from illness.

In the past decade I have experimented with doing enemas with coffee, food grade hydrogen peroxide, magnesium peroxide with vitamin C, oregano oil, wormwood + clove + black walnut, ozone water, ozone oil in water, colloidal silver, food grade limonene, fermented cabbage juice and more. All of these can make effective ingredients for a home enema, though some are better for certain purposes.

The Wormwood, Clove and Black Walnut recipe is the famous anti-parasite recipe popularized by Hilda Clark, and this is a very effective enema if you have intestinal parasites. I caught a case of intestinal parasites from in 2013 from accidentally gulping down tons of lake water while I was water skiing one summer on Lake Tahoe.

Now after over a month of two different courses of pharmaceutical antibiotics, which did nothing to kill this parasite but was damaging my liver, I gave up on the pharmaceutical solution and I spent several months treating this condition with this herbal combination plus ozone and colloidal silver, and this was effective.

Nowadays I will just put 1 drop of oregano oil for a whole liter or more of warm water. Likewise I may put half a capsule of magnesium peroxide into a liter of warm water, or half a capful of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide….because low dose works better (I find) especially when combined with a longer exposure time and manual massage or yoga to help the movement inside.

You know, the longer you allow the ingredients to stay inside you, the more effective the enema will be.

Ingredients such as ozonated oil & magnesium peroxide, you know, these are best used in very small amounts and mixed into the warm water before putting it into the bag.


are best done with very lukewarm or even cold water, whereas most ingredients are much more effective with warm water. Though uou don’t want it to be too warm, sort of a lukewarm tea temperature, not hot to the touch at all.

Lactobacillus is an incredible probiotic cleanser. It’s tough enough to kill tough fungus and yeast like candida. Making your own fermented cabbage water and doing an enema with it can be even more effective at cleansing fungus than ozone or hydrogen peroxide. And it can also be a more intense experience as well, especially if you have very live and bubbly cabbage water.

Now one way to do a very gentle, restorative probiotic enema is to use only a tiny amount of water mixed with powdered probiotics, and to then retain it inside, rather than evacuate as is necessary when you use more water.

Now to do this style of probiotic retention enema, you use only a tiny amount of water, like a 1/8 of a cup or even less, and you always do it AFTER you have done a full-sized liter or more with a cleansing mixture such as ozone, colloidal silver or magnesium peroxide.

You want to make sure to completely evacuate from this first cleansing enema before doing the 2nd restorative probiotic retention enema, because you want these probiotics to stay inside where they can re-populate the colon.

You know, this practice done even just once a month, can dramatically improve your overall vitality and resiliency to illness. I even find it greatly affects my mood and emotional state. I feel much lighter in every sense after a practice of cleansing and then restoring my colon.


You know, I first started doing home enemas after living for over a year in a log cabin outside of Santa Cruz that had black mold in the foundation, and this was in 2008 and 2009.

When the mold was discovered, I was just starting to have these weird pains in my body – fibromyalgia type symptoms – along with other symptoms like brain fog, chronic exhaustion and chronic bronchitis too. As a single dad and the manager of a small business in Santa Cruz, I needed to deeply and rapidly detox my system, just to be able to keep up with my life.

Now besides this initial push to detox from severe black mold exposure, I have used enemas to combat flus, sinus infections, food poisoning, parasites, candida, and even sinus infections… I have also used them in combination with other cleanses to flush my liver and other organs.


You know, for example, I caught the flu this past December and it was a really intense one. I caught it after a couple days of snowboarding near Lake Tahoe and I was pushing my limits out in a cold, wet snowstorm storm and I was also doing some pretty intense contrast therapy, doing hot dry sauna and then making snow angels in my swim trunks and going for a swim in the freezing cold lake and the freezing pool they had there.

You know that wouldn’t normally get me sick, but I was also with my daughter who had been sick with the flu for over a week. So when we were on the drive back home to Santa Cruz, I could literally feel myself getting sick as we drove.

When the full flu hit me the next day, I was so weak I could barely stand up to go to the bathroom. My stomach was killing me –serious stabbing pains- so one of the first things that I did to help myself recover was a series of enemas using a mixture of colloidal silver and warm, ozonated water.

And luckily I have machines to make both of these at my house, and they are not expensive machines at all. So it was easy to whip up enough of both ingredients in a few hours.

I began drinking ozone water and colloidal silver as well, fasting as much as possible to try to starve the virus. This combination of taking the anti-viral ozone and silver both orally and in daily enemas helped me to recover the majority of my strength in a matter of days, whereas my daughter, who only took colloidal silver orally, she was sick, weak and coughing for another couple weeks.

So these anti-viral enemas that I did worked powerfully to knock the flu out of my system, and after each one I really felt a noticeable shift in my energy levels.


So truly, my personal health has been absolutely transformed and secured through practicing home enemas, both as an essential component of my regular personal hygiene, as well as a potent treatment for many different illnesses and health conditions.

I no longer feel helpless against the many viral, fungal and bacterial invaders that seek to set up shop inside my intestines and then wreak havoc from within.

You know, this home enema practice is truly one of the most effective ways to take direct control of your health and vitality, to restore your own microbiome and improve your immune function, combat illnesses and slow down the aging process.

Thanks so much for watching (or reading!)

You know, I really hope that learning about enemas in this video has inspired you to research more and experiment for yourself if you haven’t already, to help you take control of your vitality and begin living a healthier and happier life.

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I’m Kevin Asher, thanks again for watching (or reading) and be well!


About Kevin Asher

Kevin Asher Eyanu is a lifelong student and natural teacher with a very curious mind and caring heart. He loves to research, experiment and explore, and to share what he has discovered. He has worked as a teacher, massage therapist, landscaper, chef, organic farmer and coach, and he is a natural writer, producer and multi-disciplinary researcher. He has a B.A. in World Religions and an M.B.A. in Finance, and has various certifications and trainings such as Active Isolated Stretching, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and more. He is a musician, snowboarder, surfer, yogi, martial artist and dancer who has travelled extensively in more than 20 countries, thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail & Camino De Santiago and trekked in the Himalayas and Pyrenees. He is a certified wellness coach and believes that a client-led, holistic approach is the most successful.

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