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Today we are learning 3 amazingly effective practices that can supercharge your brain and enhance cellular function throughout your entire body. These practices can not only boost mental functioning and improve your mood, they speed recovery from illness and improve functioning of all the body’s systems.



Now you might laugh when I tell you this first one, but one of the absolute best practices for your overall health that is also a powerful neuro-enhancer… is nude sunbathing.

The main reason is because our mitochondria require sunlight to make ATP cellular energy and our cells actually take in light from the sun. If we do not get enough sunlight directly, then our cells ability to process and use ATP energy is greatly diminished.

For a long time the scientific community has erroneously believed that humans could only intake the ATP energy from sunlight after its been digested by plants and packaged into proteins through photosynthesis… or when this energy from sunlight is packaged even more densely into proteins in the tissues of animals who eat these plants… or other animals, right?

But new evidence shows that if we don’t get enough sunlight directly on our bodies, then it becomes increasingly harder for our cells to produce ATP from the food that we eat. Furthermore, it has been shown that cells can tap ATP from sunlight directly. So its important to see, sunlight is not a replacement for food, but neither can food be accurately thought of as a replacement for sunlight.

Taking in sunlight directly through our skin is truly fundamental requirement for our most basic cellular processes.


There is a type of depression I think we are all familiar with, known commonly as SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I believe this condition is clearly the result of what happens when we don’t intake enough direct sunlight, either through our skin our through our eyes, both of which are receptive to sunlight.

Nude sunbathing not only provides the body with direct ATP energy while supporting our cells to process ATP from our food, it has been shown to dramatically increase testosterone production in men and women, including free testosterone.

Around 20 minutes of nude sunbathing a day is ideal, and as everyone knows, you don’t want to get too much sun or you will burn. So doing short sessions everyday around 20 minutes is both safer and more effective than doing longer sessions once a week or even less.

Regular nude sunbathing is truly a gold mine of wellness, however you must of course find ways to do it legally without offending people or getting arrested!

Due to this limitation, many people will opt for the tanning bed option, especially in winter, and you know what, if you do only 5-10 minutes at a time, then I think the risks are worth the benefits. If you can use the bed every day, if you happen to own it or you get a pass or something, then I would recommend doing 3 minutes every day, in the morning or midday.

Even 5 minutes once or twice a week all winter will go a long way to making you feel as strong as you do in spring and summer. Now I would never recommend more than 10 minutes, because too much time in the tanning bed is really like asking for skin cancer!

As with most medicines, the difference between beneficial and harmful is but a slight increase in dosage, so you really don’t want to push it, either with Sun or especially with the tanning bed.

Of course what is really most effective is if you are blessed enough to have a sunny and private backyard, or else you can access places in nature where nude sunbathing is allowed, or there is nobody around so it doesn’t matter! You know theres lots of rivers, forests and beaches, or else you may pay to visit hot springs other resorts where nude sunbathing is allowed. But obviously, you want to find an option that is convenient and affordable enough to be practical and sustainable for you.




So the 2nd natural practice which can radically enhance your brain chemistry and create potent nootropic effects is combing the DL form of the essential amino acid Phenylalanine with a short cardiovascular workout. Any type of exercise will do, as long as it really gets your blood pumping for 20 minutes or so.

DLPA is the common abbreviation for the combined D & L forms of this essential amino acid, which is the fundamental building block for all types of important neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and tyrosine. But just taking DLPA and sitting at your desk will only give you about 10% of the effect as when you take the supplement and then combine exercise as a potent catalyst which causes an explosion of healthy neurotransmitters in your brain.

When your brain gets flooded with all these natural neurotransmitters chemicals, you feel amazing in your body, your mood is high and your thoughts move at lightning speed. All it takes is regular cardio exercise combined with supplementation with DLPA, around 1500mg a day should be more than enough, and if you are taking DLPA everyday, then you will also want to supplement with a full-spectrum amino acid in order to make sure your amino acid levels stay balanced. And this is especially true if you are a vegetarian or vegan.



And now the 3rd most effective practice for brain enhancement that I want to tell you about goes by various names, it is sometimes called “controlled oxygen deprivation”, other times “reduced oxygen training” and I think it is most famously known as the Wim Hoff Method.

All of these terms describe alternately boosting and then depleting oxygen in the body, and this technique has been shown to produce powerful healing effects. For example it was recently demonstrated that this type of controlled oxygen deprivation therapy caused heart tissue to regenerate in laboratory mice.

Controlled oxygen deprivation can cleanse and flush all the cells of the body. When we deprive our cells of oxygen, they flush out and empty themselves out completely, and once flushed they are able to more fully receive fresh oxygen when we breathe again.

After being flushed, they are able to process more oxygen than before. Each time we do this practice the effect deepens. This method is often called controlled oxygen deprivation, but it is actually a strategy to greatly increase oxygenation, through first depriving the cells briefly, and then flooding them with oxygen once again.

This method is employed by the O2 Training System, which I got to experience at this year’s Bulletproof Conference down in LA, and it is based on exactly the same principle as the Wim Hoff Method.

When I did the O2 trainer, they had me 1st get onto an exercise bike and pedal with normal air at a comfortable rate for awhile, till my heart rate went up and my breathing was naturally elevated.

Then they had me full on sprint while they deprived my mask of oxygen for 30 seconds. It wasn’t pleasant, felt really scratchy in my lungs, but it wasn’t painful. And then I stayed in a full sprint while they then flooded my mask with 100% pure oxygen. That felt great. Like pure yes flooding into the lungs!

I did a few rounds of this and had WOW serious oxygen high for about 24 hours! It felt like I had run a marathon. So in my experience, this approach really works, and the exponential increase in cell oxygenation can help the body be more efficient at everything it needs to do.

What I will demonstrate for you now is a breathing method I learned from Wim Hof and this is the breathing that he has used to break dozens of world records and to help many people recover from very debilitating conditions, including such extreme conditions such as partial paralyzation and even cancer.

This breathing exercise that Wim Hof teaches is really the simplest and most direct approach to this idea of controlled oxygen deprivation, as it doesn’t require that you use any expensive oxygen tanks or other equipment. Of course, it also takes more time and effort than methods which employ technology.

I will walk you through the breathing now very quickly and demonstrate it. It’s extremely important to never attempt this when you are driving or in the bath or hot tub, really anywhere but lying on your bed, on a couch or sitting in a comfy chair. I like to do it lying in bed and often I will do it as the first thing I do when I wake up and last thing before I fall asleep.

I am going to demonstrate this standing up but I am also not going to do a very deep round, and I am only going to demonstrate 1 round, whereas I would normally do at least 3 and each one would get really into it to make it potent. I am going to demonstrate now but am not going to try to do the longest retention that I can, but am just walking through the steps so that you understand the process and then you can experiment on your own.

Learning this breath work is really powerful all by it’s self, though I highly recommend you check out Wim’s online course which teaches more about this breathing method, as well as cold exposure, mind expansion techniques and more.

(Watch For Visual Demo, The Basics Are Explained Here)

So the first step to the Wim Hoff breathing method is to take tons of very deep breaths, going to the top and bottom of your lungs with every breath, until you start to get tingly and even lightheaded, which denotes an increase in oxygen in your system .Wim teaches to do about 30 big deep breaths or more to start a round, though it usually takes me closer to 50 before I feel ready to go into the retentions.

Now I like to breathe in my nose and out of my mouth with my tongue pressed up against the back of my teeth, creating a little teapot whistle effect when I blow out like this…..(whistle sound)

I learned this from my Ba Gua sifu when I was a teenager and have practiced this ever since, and found that the same instruction is given in a wide variety of martial arts as well as qi gong and internal energy practices.

If you breathe in and out of your mouth it will to stimulate your mammalian brain more than your cerebral coretex. This is good to be aware of and to use to your advantage if you want to work with accessing & releasing past traumas and old emotions which are held unconsciously in our mammalian brain. And its also important to avoid breathing excessively through the mouth if you don’t want to bring up past emotions and instead are wanting to mostly focus on boosting your vitality.

Breathing in and out through the nose only will powerfully stimulate the cerebral coretex and this brings a lot of energy into our conscious mind, though for doing this breathing method, its usually impractical to try to breathe in and out of the nose only, as it is much harder to get into a rhythm which is both fast and deep.

So I prefer to practice how I was taught by my sifu so many years ago, over 20 years ago now, which is in the nose and out the mouth, with the tongue at the roof of the mouth, just behind the teeth.

So now I am going to breathe in and out deeply, in my nose and out of my mouth for a while, and I will only do a few of these, but know that you should do 30 up to 50 or so complete breaths before you go into the retentions.

And then I will quicken the pace toward the end and let the breath fill my lungs so that my in and out breathing is really only happening at the very top of my almost totally full lungs, like this…

Really, you know, trying to fill the lungs literally as much as you possibly can. So this is the very end of the last 50 breaths, so you are you know (breathing quickly) and you then don’t want to hold your breath in with full lungs at this point, but instead you (blows full breath all the way out*) blow it out completely.

Empty your lungs as much as you possibly can. And then hold you breath out with empty lungs OUT for as long as possible (you can take a little breath in.) Once again, you need to be seated or lying down for this.

And when you cannot hold your out breath any longer, then you breathe in a deep breath in and hold it, at least 20-30 seconds but really as long as you can – but without pain, right! If you start to feel a contraction in your throat, then its time to exhale.

And also while you are holding this recovery breath, it’s really awesome to contract your arms, core muscles and your entire torso like you are showing off in a bodybuilding competition. And this is while you are holding the breath IN.

But don’t squeeze your neck, don’t squeeze your head, don’t squeeze your face muscles either you know. Just squeeze your core, arms, chest and shoulders. And if you can, even try to relax your neck, relax your throat and your face, even as you grip and squeeze your arms, core and chest muscles.

Then you will exhale and breathe normally for a minute or two before you start another round.

With every round you will cause more of your cells to flush themselves of stagnation and make them more able to fully receive oxygen. This will cause many systems of the body to work better and one that you’re going to notice first is the brain, as doing rounds of this breathing will make you feel much more clarity and focus.


So those are the three most effective natural nootropic practices that I highly recommend to everyone as they give such a big boost your brain power as well as your level of health and vitality in general.

I hope that learning about these practices has inspired you to research more on your own and to experiment with them for yourself.

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I’m Kevin Asher, thanks so much for watching and be well!

About Kevin Asher

Kevin Asher Eyanu is a lifelong student and natural teacher with a very curious mind and caring heart. He loves to research, experiment and explore, and to share what he has discovered. He has worked as a teacher, massage therapist, landscaper, chef, organic farmer and coach, and he is a natural writer, producer and multi-disciplinary researcher. He has a B.A. in World Religions and an M.B.A. in Finance, and has various certifications and trainings such as Active Isolated Stretching, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Upledger Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and more. He is a musician, snowboarder, surfer, yogi, martial artist and dancer who has travelled extensively in more than 20 countries, thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail & Camino De Santiago and trekked in the Himalayas and Pyrenees. He is a certified wellness coach and believes that a client-led, holistic approach is the most successful.

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