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Paradigms of Wellness

The mainstream medical paradigm is primarily chemical, though there are many different lenses through which to view wellness. Human MicroBiome explores how microbial life affects human health & wellbeing. Other paradigms include Bio-Electricity, Fascia & the Autonomous Nervous System, Cellular Nutrition, Physical Fitness & Emotional Wellness.

Products & Practices

We offer practical insights into many of the world’s most advanced health practices, as well as the most effective and affordable supplements available. Through research and experimentation we sort out the best of the best and explain their potential benefits, precautions and practical usage guidelines.

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We hand select cutting-edge wellness products that are both highly effective and affordable.

We offer high quality Natural Nootropics, Wild & Organic Herbal Extracts & a variety of Home Tools for Light Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Microbiome Support, Pain Relief, Self-Myofascial Release, Mitochondria Support, Candida Cleansing, Physical Fitness, Emotional Wellness and More.

We also carry a line of the absolute simplest and most affordable Home Grounding Technology products available anywhere, and have worked hard to make it very convenient and affordable for you to have access to these.